Congresswoman Gwen Moore Announces Internship Program

The Congressional Black Caucus Foundation is now accepting applications for its summer 2010 Congressional Internship Program.

The CBCF Congressional Internship Program prepares the next generation to take its rightful place in community service and policy development arenas.

The application postmark deadline


Congresswoman Moore Speaks on Ruby Bridges Resolution Inspired by Milwaukee First Graders

Congresswoman Moore speaks on the floor of the House of Representatives in support of her resolution honoring Ruby Bridges. The resolution was inspired by a first grade class project in Milwaukee.


C-SPAN: Rep. Moore speaks out for stronger federal jobs efforts at US Capitol

C-Span: Rep. Gwen Moore speaks at Congressional Black Caucus (CBC) Press Conference on Job Creation & Economic Growth at U.S. Capitol on Friday, 12/11/2009. Two days earlier, the CBC had sent a letter to President Obama outlining their priorities for the jobs legislation being developed.


Moore To Hold Health Care Reform Meeting

MILWAUKEE — The debate over national health care reform has been heated at town hall meetings across the country, and now it’s taking center stage in Milwaukee.

Congresswoman Gwen Moore will host a public meeting here Tuesday, but some already have concerns about the way it’s being handled.

The White House set up a Web site Monday that



The daughter of a teacher and now the mother of a teacher, Senator Gwen Moore knows firsthand the importance of quality education for all children and she understands that education is the passport out of poverty for many children. As a state legislator, Gwen has been a tireless advocate for public schools. That is why she has gained the endorsement


Health Care

Our nation is facing a health care crisis. Costs of care are skyrocketing and too many are left without coverage. Health care is a right, not a fringe benefit. But in Wisconsin , over 470,000 people were uninsured in 2002. National health insurance is an idea that’s time has come. In the state legislature, Senator Moore has led efforts to


Job Creation & Economic Recovery

Wisconsin has lost nearly 69,000 manufacturing jobs since the beginning of the Bush Administration. Working families are suffering from the economic downturn and Congress must act quickly to bring relief the unemployed and to stimulate the economy. As a 15-year member of the Wisconsin Housing and Economic Development Authority, State Senator Gwen Moore has a strong understanding of the economic


Women & Families

In the state Senate, Gwen Moore has been a leader on issues that impact women and their families. From combating domestic violence to providing health care coverage for breast and cervical cancer patients, Senator Moore has been a leader on measures to improve the well-being of women in Milwaukee . In Congress, Gwen will continue her work—fighting to expand family


Working Families

Gwen Moore comes from a union family—her father was a member of the United Auto Workers (UAW) and both her mother and daughter belonged to the teachers union. She knows that working families are the backbone of the American economy but today they are working harder, longer hours for lower wages and fewer protections. In the state Senate, Gwen Moore