Key Provisions of Moore’s School Breakfast Bill Pass House Committee

Included in Education and Labor Committee Passed Child Nutrition Reauthorization

Washington, DC – Today, the House Committee on Education and Labor passed child nutrition reauthorization legislation that includes key provisions of a bill introduced by Congresswoman Gwen Moore (D-Milwaukee) to help hungry children get nutritious breakfast.

Congresswoman Moore said, “The facts are clear – hungry kids have trouble


Editorial: Gun sellers need to be better scrutinized

When someone wants to buy a gun and applies for a license, the federal Bureau of Alcohol Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives can investigate his past and see if he has a criminal record.

But for the person selling the guns? Not so much. While ATF can delve into the business records of alcohol wholesalers, it doesn’t have the authority to


WTMJ (NBC) Talks to Congresswoman Gwen Moore about Protecting People from Identity Theft

WTMJ (NBC) Talks to Congresswoman Gwen Moore about Protecting People from Identity Theft {qtube vid:=f0nF0liKgUU w:=580 h:=360 b:=1 c1:=0b8241 c2:=16cc68 ap:=0 rel:=0}


Moore suggests other federal funding options for Hoan Bridge repairs

U.S. Rep Gwen Moore (D-Milwaukee) said the federal funds allocated for high-speed rail in Wisconsin cannot be redirected to help pay for repairs to Milwaukee’s crumbling Hoan Bridge.

State Sen. Jeff Plale (D-South Milwaukee) and Rep. Christine Sinicki (D-Milwaukee) had sent a letter to members of Wisconsin’s congressional delegation, asking that $250 million of $810 million in stimulus money


Education: Still a Civil Rights Issue

My favorite president had always been Lyndon Baines Johnson, champion of the Great Society, until Barack Obama was elected.

President Johnson was on the frontlines in our battle for civil rights.  And he understood — before so many others did — that education


Historic veterans home languishes

In the Civil War-era village nestled behind Miller Park are three of Milwaukee’s oldest and most architecturally significant buildings. Today, nailed across their entrances are signs that read, “Building Closed – Do Not Enter,” in bold red letters.

Those signs may not mean the end for the buildings, but time is running short.

For years the buildings have


Stimulus-backed Adult Build program offers construction-skills training

Monica Lewis, 33, donned a hard hat Monday morning and in the blazing sun set out for her first day on the job of Milwaukee’s new Adult Build program, which will train 45 people ages 24 and older to rehab foreclosed properties owned by the


New Support for Hoan Bridge

Wisconsin Congresswoman Gwen Moore and Milwaukee Mayor Tom Barrett want the Wisconsin Department of Transportation to begin the process of re-decking the Hoan bridge. They also want state officials to look at the feasibility of new ramps at both ends of the bridge. The two elected officials have sent letters to Madison asking for work to begin immediately on the


WDJT (CBS) & WITI (FOX) Talks to Congresswoman Gwen Moore about Afghanistan

WDJT (CBS) & WITI (FOX) talks to Congresswoman Gwen Moore about Afghanistan


The University of Wisconsin-Madison’s premier independent student newspaper

Vice President Joe Biden and Treasury Secretary Tim Geithner spoke about Wall Street reforms and the middle class at the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee Tuesday in an effort to drum up support for President Barack Obama’s financial overhaul legislation.

These speeches came in the midst of negotiations in the U.S. Senate to compose a financial reform bill similar to one