Gwen Talks GOP War on Women with Thomas Roberts on MSNBC

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In Boca, Wasserman Schultz and busload of critics slam Romney and Ryan

BOCA RATON — There’s no need to scramble for Democratic prebuttals and rebuttals to Mitt Romney‘s campaign trip to Florida today. Democrats have put together a busload of critics to slam Romney’s proposals and offer home-state counterpoints to new running mate Paul Ryan and Romney’s record as Massachusetts governor.

The “Romney Economics: Middle Class Under The Bus”


Democratic Response: DNC anti-Romney bus tour rolls into Boca

BOCA RATON, Fla. — As Mitt Romney makes his way through Florida Monday, some Democrats are voicing their opinions about him and his new running mate. Several members of the DNC going on their own bus tour to deliver their message. One of those stops right here in our area.

“We have a great lineup here with us today


Dems salute Wisconsin’s gift to Obama, Paul Ryan

Mitt Romney’s choice Aug. 11 of US Rep. Paul Ryan as his running mate may give him a bounce on cable news, but in the long haul to Nov. 6 it will focus the election on the true weaknesses and evasions of the GOP economic policies, of which Ryan is the mastermind, as well as laser-beaming the Democratic attack on


Online App for Voting Rights

Democratic Whip Steny Hoyer has teamed with Rep. Robert Brady to create on interactive voting rights app aimed at younger voters.  The app offers state-specific data for all 50 states and 6 US territories.  Click below to view the app and share it with friends and family! In the last year, there has been a […]


Annual Legislative Conference of the CBC

Dear Friends, Thank you for visiting my site regarding the upcoming Annual Legislative Conference of the Congressional Black Caucus.  As many of you know, this year, I have the honor of serving as Co-Chair of the Conference and I’m looking forward to seeing many of my fellow Wisconsin friends and family in Washington.  This year’s […]


State Waivers for TANF Can Provide True Pathway Out of Poverty

Recently the Obama Administration took a common sense step in reforming a program that has long been in need of repair — the Temporary Assistance for Needy Families (TANF) program. Through a recent rule change, the Administration will now allow states to apply for waivers that could grant them some flexibility in implementing their TANF programs. The new guidance will


Voter Suppression, Not ‘Fast and Furious,’ Behind Attack on Holder

WASHINGTON – Congressional Republican attacks on U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder, says Wisconsin Congresswoman Gwen Moore, may be about more than “Fast and Furious.”

On Thursday the House voted to hold Attorney General Holder in contempt for failing to disclose internal Justice Department documents tied to a House committee investigation into the sting operation on gun running from the