Cong. Gwen Moore urges the community to vote Nov. 6 for Obama, Baldwin

Voters have a clear choice on Nov. 6. We can choose to keep moving America and our communities forward by re-electing President Barack Obama.
Or we can chose to take America backwards to the failed policies that caused these problems in the first place.

In the US Senate race, voters can elect a strong and loyal ally of President Obama in Tammy Baldwin, or they can choose her opponent Tommy Thompson – who has promised to block and obstruct President Obama at every turn.

The choice is clear. Voters must re-elect President Barack Obama, and vote for Tammy Baldwin for US Senate, on Nov. 6 for the sake of our community and our country.

Barack Obama and Tammy Baldwin have already demonstrated they are a pretty good team. And they will continue to fight for good jobs, education, and investing in our community.

Barack Obama and Tammy Baldwin will always put the people ahead of powerful special interest.

Tommy Thompson? For the past seven years he has worked at a well-connected DC lobbying firm, representing big, powerful special interests like big oil, drug companies and big banks.

The contrast couldn’t be clearer. As former President Bill Clinton pointed out, Tammy Baldwin has spent her career standing up to the special interests, while Tommy Thompson has been standing with them.

Let’s keep moving America forward, and let’s elect leaders who will put the people ahead of profits for the powerful.

Re-elect President Barack Obama, and vote for Tammy Baldwin for US Senate on November 6th. Let’s keep this team together, so they can fight for us.

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