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Advocates Seek to Make Courthouses Off Limits for Immigration Officials

Rosario Socope, a Guatemalan immigrant in the country illegally, had an unwelcome surprise waiting for her when she attended a pretrial hearing on a felony charge at a courthouse in Brooklyn this month. As she stepped out of the courtroom into a public hallway, she was approached by immigration agents seeking to deport her.

As her husband, her social


Treatment vs. jail time: New bill aimed at helping sex trafficking victims break free

MILWAUKEE (WITI) — It’s one of Milwaukee’s darkest secrets: Women and children being trafficked for sex. Experts say it’s a lucrative business — and Milwaukee is a major hub. A tough new bill would make it easier for human trafficking victims to break free.

Last year, ten human trafficking victims between the ages of 13 and 17 were recovered


Will backlogs in other states affect Milwaukee VA’s ability to serve its own veterans?

MILWAUKEE (WITI) — Americans are observing Memorial Day against the backdrop of a growing scandal over long wait times and secret records at Veterans Affairs medical facilities. But how will the backlogs in other states affect Wisconsin’s ability to serve its own veterans? It’s a question being asked by every member of the Wisconsin Congressional delegation.

The VA facility


Wisconsin Vets Caught Up in Huge VA Claims Backlog

One Milwaukee man waited more than a year after filing a disability claim to begin receiving compensation for injuries sustained in Iraq.

The U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs is under growing scrutiny following reports that dozens of vets died while waiting for care at the VA hospital in Phoenix. The facility is accused of creating a secret patient


Congress must help communities deal with invisible infrastructure

The 50 water main breaks on Milwaukee’s northwest side over the weekend served as a stark reminder of the importance of what Mayor Tom Barrett calls the “invisible infrastructure” — all those often-aging pipes underground that can leak or break and cause a host of problems.

Congress needs to help make sure that communities with aging systems and fiscal issues


Baby boomer, Gen X women fear not having enough retirement savings

Most female baby boomers and Generation Xers fear they will not have sufficient money for retirement, a situation that’s creating an opportunity for financial advisers, according to a report released Wednesday by the Insured Retirement Institute.
More than two thirds — 70% — of female baby boomers and 88% of Gen Xers have “weak or no confidence” that they will


Congressional Black Caucus plots path forward

For members of the Congressional Black Caucus, these are tough days.

The Supreme Court upended two major civil rights laws in recent years, striking down key provisions of the Voting Rights Act and upholding Michigan’s ban on affirmative action.

The CBC’s agenda is gaining little traction on Capitol Hill, where Republican leaders in the House have shown little interest in


Gwen Moore cautiously optimistic about meeting with Paul Ryan

Afer sparking a flurry of controversy in March with remarks that suggested that poverty in America’s inner-cities was due in part to people who lacked an appreciation for work, U.S. Rep. Paul Ryan, R-Janesville, has made a point of conveying interest and compassion for the country’s poor, particularly in minority communities.

As part of that effort, Ryan met recently with


‘…A Life and Death Struggle for Voting Rights’

Anita Johnson, a community organizer with Citizen Action of Wisconsin, spends her days beating the streets—knocking on doors, visiting senior citizen homes, addressing congregations and other groups about changes in election laws.In previous months, her days were spent in Madison at the state capitol, testifying, agitating, shaming the General Assembly about the slew of new restrictive voting laws lawmakers were


Democrats Warm Up for a “War on Poverty” With Republicans on Capitol Hill

Rep. Gwen Moore (D-Wisconsin) thinks that Rep. Paul Ryan (R-Wisconsin), who chairs the House Budget Committee and is in line to become the next chairman of the powerful Ways and Means Committee, is “a nice guy.” The budget he proposed earlier this month is not, Moore and other Democratic lawmakers say.

Facing a tough midterm election cycle, they’re hoping that